Dreumex Scrub Soap

Active scrub soap for light soilings, such as oil, grease, fats and office soilings. Contains active micrograins for a pleasant and effective scrubbing action. Very suitable for use in (industrial) washrooms, offices and within HACCP plans.


Product advantages  
  • Effective due to active micrograins
  • Skin conditioning
Restriction symbols Solvent free
Cleaning power 1
Type of soiling Fat, Grease, Office soiling, Oil
Physical condition Gel
Micrograins Synthetic (PE)
Solvent-free Yes
100% organic No
Integrated moisturizer No
Contains skin-conditioning ingredients Provitamin B5, Vitamin E
pH value 5,5 - 6
Use on wet hands Yes
Use without water No
Fragrance Floral
Fragrance-free No
Colorant-free No
Silicone-free Yes

Package sizes

Dreumex Scrub Soap

Article number 00069011
Packaging size 1.5 ltr. One2clean cartridge
Content 6 x 1,5 ltr. One2clean cartridge
Barcode 8712602003182
Dimensions (l x w x h) 395x270x213